A catalogue of various inversion table exercises

While the inversion table is a great tool for treating back pain and improving overall health, many of you would be pleasantly surprised to learn that it can also serve as a useful exercise machine. You can perform several exercises with the inversion table that are just great for increasing overall muscle and strength. However, one of the key areas that the inversion table can target and strengthen is the core. Hanging upside down provides the perfect opportunity for working with the core since gravity provides all the weight needed.

For many people, the inversion table can provide the perfect foundation to build a strong core, strong legs and a strong and healthy back.  The principle of progressive overload will apply here as with anywhere else, so as you start getting stronger, you will find that you can increase the angle of inversion and move up to a more fulfilling workout. In this article, we will  present some of the best and most useful inversion table exercises that you can practice to improve strength, muscle tone and general health and well being.

inversion table

Stretching Exercises

It is always a good to stretch your body on a regular basis, either as part of a workout routine or separately. With the inversion table you can target and stretch all those areas of the back, chest, shoulders, arms and neck that are otherwise difficult to get to. A good way to stretch your torso and middle as well as upper back, is to stretch your arms out forward and rotate from the hips. You could also cross your arms over chest, one at a time to grip the opposite handle to apply a deeper stretch in the shoulder. Do these stretches as frequently as you wish, but no more than twice daily and you will achieve a good level of flexibility to perform daily tasks and even improve the efficiency with which you exercise.

Complete Stretches

As with anything, you should always start small and work your way up to more complex moves. That way there is lesser risk of injury and harm. These complete inversion stretches are a step up from the stretches that we mentioned in the previous section. It is extremely important to listen to your body and only to advance with more complex stretches and movements once you have build up adequate strength and flexibility. If you feel that your body is ready, then you can proceed with the following stretches.

Inverted Squats: Inversion tables are great for exercising your legs – so take advantage of it. To start, you should put each hand on the bottom of the inversion frame and bend your knees. Next, slowly start to press down and lift your torso upwards.

Inversion Table Stretching: Perform the exercises that we mentioned on top for stretching both the upper and lower body. Once you can perform both the partial as well as complete stretches, you will notice a significant difference in your performance and strength.

A Guide to Correct Rowing Technique

Rowing can be a greatly rewarding exercise. The rowing machine aka the Ergometer offers a complete full body workout, unlike most other workout machines that either targets the lower body or the upper body. It offers intense workouts that can burn calories, fat and help build muscle all at the same time. Whether you’re looking to hammer your heart rate and exercise within your target heart max or simply get just stretch your legs and get the blood flowing, the modern ERG can help you achieve a variety of training goals. However, unfortunately, not a lot of people use the ERG and out of those that do, the majority don’t know how to use it properly. While some guys might hop on it for a speedy interval, they almost always get their form all wrong and end up either pulling a muscle or not hitting the right spots.

rowing machine use

Correct Rowing technique is the key to realizing all the benefits that the ERG has to offer. Unlike performing complicated Olympic lifting movements, learning how to row with proper from and technique takes only a little practice, but is immensely rewarding, in the long run.

Basic rowing stroke comprises of four basic phases:  the catch, the drive, the finish and recovery. Below, we will explain the proper form for performing each phase of the stroke.

Correct Rowing Form

  1. The Catch: This is the initial phase. Here your body should be relaxed and ready. Slide into the stirrup and sit with your legs bent and make sure your shins are close to 90 degrees to the floor. Grab the handle with fully extend your arms to grab the handle. Ensure that your body leans forward so that your shoulders are just in slightly in front of your hips. Maintain a neutral spine and engage your core muscles.

correct rowing form

  1. The Drive: In the second phase or the drive, the legs power the body backwards with the help of the large quad muscles. Here as well, it is important that you maintain a straight spine, engage your core, lock your arms and power through your legs until they are almost straight. Next, you bend from the hips and extend your torso backwards. The closer your torso gets to being perpendicular to the floor, you should begin to pull with your arms. Remember to pull with elbows bent.You must perform this only on  customers rated rowing machines like concept2 d as it will not have any negative impact on your body.
  2. The Finish:This next phase is the culmination of the drive. Here your legs should be straight, your elbows bent, and you should pull the handle towards your lower chest. Maintain your arms slightly away from your ribcage and do not flare them out to your sides. As always you should, maintain a strong core and a neutral back.

the finish

  1. The Recovery: This final phase is simply the drive in reverse. Through this recovery phase, your body slides back into the catch to begin the next stroke. The arms begin to straighten. When they are almost fully extended, the torso hinges forward from the hips. As you come closer to the intial position, maintain a straight back, engage the core, and your knees will naturally as the handle passes over them. Checkout the initial position via which you can are going to workout backwards. Again I am going to recommend only concept 2 rowing machine. Males can also use top used Home Gyms available for purchase online via internet.